Business Transformation Model of Excellence

Even after identifying the factors that contribute to decreased revenue and despite the decline in resources, healthcare organizations and physician practices are seeking solutions that will do more for less. Clearly understanding the revenue cycle, and identifying areas that will afford your organization greater efficiency and the ability to recover revenue and drive margins is paramount.

Our Business Transformation Model helps your organization address growth, reduction of operational costs, and increase operational efficiency across specialties – enterprise model design, global business services, outsourcing, and strategy, helping you develop and implement your strategic vision to improve overall business performance.

Portfolio of services overview:

Extended Business Office (EBO) Services.

Our team remains Client focused: either project based, co-sourcing and/or longer-term solutions to resolve accumulated, aged accounts receivables. The services can be delivered either onsite with Client’s technology infrastructure (which is of preference) or via an alternative workflow software: remotely, or with direct connection to your RCM solution and work queues. The following are highlight areas regarding our approach:

  • Analyzing the patient accounts to determine a recommended strategy and approach for A/R management process
  • Accessing each qualifying account and resolving it with the appropriate actions, which include (examples):
    • Analyzing remittance advice from denials and partial payments , and taking necessary action to collect balances
    • Performing first- and third-party collection follow-up
    • Rebilling as required to secure payment
    • Processing payer rejections, denials, and appeals
    • Processing account adjustments.
  • Reviewing operations for compliance with billing regulations
  • Reporting cash collections results and performance at both a details and summary level.

All services referenced above are inclusive of our Claims Quality Management solution (please see below).

Claims Quality Management Services.

We offer a unique set of operational and financial auditing services with analytical tools and methodologies to evaluate key revenue cycle management trends. These services evaluate multiple sets of data in order to identify so that root cause analysis can be directly applied to the actual operational issues (e.g., denial management, payors, etc.).

Facts about JTS Health Partners

  • Holding company, JTS Ventures, Inc., established in 2002
  • Healthcare management consulting subsidiary, JTS Health Partners formed in 2009
  • A state-of-the-art virtual organization with a broad and growing footprint
  • Current team represents 90+ members operating in 16 states within the United States
  • Headquarters based in Norcross, Georgia