Governance and Code of Conduct

As healthcare professionals, we recognize that financial and economic measures are only two criteria on which we are evaluated. We conduct our consulting business and operations firm in accordance with value-driven corporate practices and adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance practices and procedures in the United States. Our Code of Conduct defines the professional standards by which JTS Health Partners conducts business. It is designed to provide management and employees within the firm guidance and a clear understanding of the professional standards of conduct that pertain to our respective roles in the firm.

All our team members are required to affirm their agreement and commitment to comply with the Code of Conduct.Privacy Officer:

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Facts about JTS Health Partners

  • Holding company, JTS Ventures, Inc., established in 2002
  • Healthcare management consulting subsidiary, JTS Health Partners formed in 2009
  • A state-of-the-art virtual organization with a broad and growing footprint
  • Current team operates in approximately fourteen (14) states within the United States
  • Headquarters based in Norcross, Georgia