Extended Business Office Services being performedInnovation in healthcare revenue cycle is, more often than not, viewed through a technology lens. But technology isn’t always necessary to achieve innovative and creative outcomes for a healthcare organization. JTS' Extended Business Office (EBO) Services and Solutions is a highly effective innovation choice for your revenue cycle function.

The traditional benefits of securing an EBO partner are well-known: cash flow and net revenue improvement, enhanced labor and resource management, and overall departmental operating expense reduction. The more innovative aspects of EBO services, however, come through exposure to best practices, standard work instructions, analytical tools, outcomes measures and productivity methodologies. And often, an EBO partnership energizes and refocuses the daily efforts and ongoing results of revenue cycle performance.


JTS Health Partners offers an alternative choice and approach to innovation through Extended Business Office services across the revenue cycle continuum.

  • Billing & Accounts Receivable Management
  • Claims Follow-up & Appeals Management
  • Contract & Reimbursement Analysis
  • Credit Balance Resolution
  • Denials Management & Master File Support
  • Eligibility & Payor Authorizations
  • Legacy Accounts Receivable Resolution
  • Pre-registration & Patient Access

99% quality achieved for EBO services

JTS aligns with our clients by supporting their existing healthcare revenue cycle policies, workflows and processes to improve or maintain key revenue and operating metrics. JTS advisors are experts who understand and identify “root cause” analysis, delays and negative trends and are able to quantify these issues and recommend improved strategies with monitoring capabilities regarding the implementation redesign.

EBO Billing and Accounts Receivable ManagementEBO team members are 100% dedicated to the assigned client for the term of the engagement. We are committed to providing clients with accountable, strategic, efficient and flexible solutions supported by measurable results.

Our team remains client focused: either project based, co-sourcing and/or longer-term solutions to resolve accumulated, aged accounts receivables. The services can be delivered either onsite with client’s technology infrastructure (which is of preference) or via an alternative workflow software: remotely, or with direct connection to your RCM solution and work queues.

Services + Analytics = Outcomes with Quality

JTS’ EBO solution includes our Analytics as a Service tools to enhance operational performance within your RCM and HIM operations. JTS’ comprehensive capabilities include:

$1B+ cash collections with improvements

200% of client expectation

Samantha Geroli

Samantha Geroli, CRCR, CPCT/A, OTC, Manager, EBO | RCM Client Services

Samantha leads the firm’s Extended Business Office operations within Revenue Cycle Management. She provides expertise in medical billing and coding of commercial and government payors.

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