nCreas RCM| FinTech

JTS' FinTech service line optimizes healthcare systems’, hospitals’ and physician practices’ cash flow and liquidity. This new offering leverages JTS’ core competencies, capabilities and proprietary nCREAS™ Analytics as a Service technology.

JTS’ nCREAS™ | FinTech solution applies predictive analytical tools and services along with blockchain technologies to achieve the following financial efficiencies:

nCREAS™ = Cash Flow + Liquidity Improvements

  • Maximize Cash Flow & Working Capital
  • Enhance Liquidity & Loan Service Coverage Ratios
  • Strengthen Balance Sheet & Informed Decisions

To enable insightful financial decisions for CFOs and other administrative decision makers, this initiative utilizes nCREAS’ comprehensive financial health rating based on real time A/R valuation and metric-based data.  nCREAS™ evaluates accounts receivable data in a wholistic and timely fashion to enable better, smarter and faster decisions.

Anticipate Liquidity Needs

For many hospitals, 75% of the work that goes into analyzing cash and liquidity is manual and time consuming - compiling source data and reviewing Excel models. Now you can proactively anticipate liquidity and funding needs with Hospital Liquidity Planning powered by nCREAS™.  nCREAS™ allows agility in forecasting that avoids tedious calculations and reporting.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Obtaining cost beneficial financing for hospitals is less optimal in current economic times. Additionally, bankers are often uncomfortable with the unique aspects of the healthcare industry's accounts receivables, including reimbursement rates and longer payment cycles. These issues present barriers to accessing the working capital needed for a hospital to be successful.

Healthcare providers require enhanced cash flow to accommodate the significant growth opportunities and challenges they currently face. Whether it is adding staff to meet demand, offering new products and services to improve the patient experience, expanding the bottom line, or simply being able to deal with fluctuation in reimbursement, the consistency of cash flow and access to capital remains critically important.

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