Managing DNFB in Healthcare

Managing DNFB in Healthcare to Increase Revenue Outcomes

DNFB in Healthcare 


How to Reach a 90+% Clean Claims Rate in Medical Billing

Low clean claims rates may impact a hospital’s revenue cycle.

Claim Denial

Denial Management in Medical Billing: The Ultimate Guide

Denial management in healthcare is a key component of the revenue cycle process.

Chris Langley, VP, FinTech

JTS Announces Chris Langley VP of Strategic Solutions | FinTech

JTS Health Partners Announces Leader of New FinTech Service Line

FinTech Service Line

JTS Health Partners Launches FinTech Service Line

JTS Health Partners Announces FinTech Service Line


Patient Registration to Improve the Revenue Cycle

Patient registration is often undervalued in the success of the revenue cycle process.

Rural Health

What are Rural Health Clinics?

Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) are vital to the ongoing care of the patient population in our country’s underserved rural areas.

Increase Revenue

Increase Hospital Revenue

Many hospitals struggle with revenue collections.  There are some uncomplicated steps to increase hospital revenue with minimal change.

Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management

JTS Named 10 Most Trusted RCM Companies

JTS Health Partners Named in 10 Most Trusted Revenue Cycle Management Companies 


MSPQ and its Effect on Revenue Cycle Outcomes

Expertise in Medicare and Medicaid services within revenue cycle management is critical to the financial outcomes of any facility.  The MSPQ is a component in the overall process to optimize …