Medicare Advantage Denials

Medicare Advantage Claim Denials Continue to Challenge Providers + Limit Access to Care

Medicare Advantage Denials


Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle Management

What is a Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle (CDRC)?

Mike Raines, VP Strategic Solutions

JTS Announces Mike Raines VP of Strategic Solutions

JTS Health Partners Announces New VP of Strategic Solutions

Analytics to improve RCM

Using Analytics to Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Why are healthcare organizations of many different types and sizes dealing with similar financial challenges?

Healthcare Cyber and Data Breach

Healthcare Cyber Attacks Increase in 2023

Healthcare Cyber Attacks Affect Roughly 12% of U.S. so far this year

Medical Coding Audit header

Continual Medical Coding Audits Ensure Accurate Claims

Continual medical coding audits

Healthcare challenges & opportunities post covid

Challenges & Opportunities Post Covid

Healthcare challenges post Covid

Revenue Cycle Companies to Know

JTS Health Partners Named on List of RCM Companies to Know

JTS Health Partners was recently named on the list of 274+ healthcare revenue cycle management companies to know in 2023 by Becker’s Hospital Review. 

RCM Technology

Breaking Down Barriers in RCM Using Technology & Process Improvement

Improve RCM through technology

Managing DNFB in Healthcare

Managing DNFB in Healthcare to Increase Revenue Outcomes

DNFB in Healthcare