Increase Revenue

Increase Hospital Revenue

Many hospitals struggle with revenue collections.  There are some uncomplicated steps to increase hospital revenue with minimal change.

Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management

JTS Named 10 Most Trusted RCM Companies

JTS Health Partners Named in 10 Most Trusted Revenue Cycle Management Companies 


MSPQ and its Effect on Revenue Cycle Outcomes

Expertise in Medicare and Medicaid services within revenue cycle management is critical to the financial outcomes of any facility.  The MSPQ is a component in the overall process to optimize …

Adam Arlan, Senior Advisor

JTS Names Adam Arlan to Senior Advisory Team

Adam Arlan is a senior healthcare leader with over three (3) decades of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), Advisory Services and Capital Equipment expertise.  

Information Blocking of EHI

Information Blocking Rule Expands Definition of Electronic Health Information

Information Blocking was established with hopes of improving a patient’s ability to access their own medical information and achieving widespread interoperability among HIT.

NPI Debate

The Great NPI Debate

Accurate patient identification is crucial.  Knowing who a patient is and matching their information to identify them correctly is paramount.  Without accurate identification, data integrity is compromised, and patient safety …

Analytics for Denials Management

Analytics to Reduce Denials

As medical denial rates continue to increase, so does the importance for revenue cycle teams to pinpoint trends and gaps with analytics.

HIM Client Services Manager

JTS Announces HIM Client Services Manager

April Smith, CCS, is a seasoned Health Information Management professional with thirty (30) years of coding, auditing, compliance and management experience that enhances clients’ operational outcomes.

Healthcare Analytics for A/R

Healthcare Analytics for Accounts Receivable

Utilizing analytics to manage A/R data to the advantage of the organization improves outcomes in the healthcare financial, operational and productivity space. 

Epic planning, implementation & support

Epic Planning, Implementation & Support

Epic planning, implementation & support is a huge undertaking for any size hospital or healthcare system.