Health Information Management – Audit Services

Health Information Management (HIM) is a mission-critical function requiring resources with a well-honed skill set. Evolving with fast-paced technology advancements and increasing regulatory requirements, HIM professionals today assume a broader …


Extended Business Office (EBO)

Innovation in healthcare revenue cycle is, more often than not, viewed through a technology lens. But technology isn’t always necessary to achieve innovative and creative outcomes for a healthcare organization. …


JTS has simplified and optimized the complexity of revenue cycle management

Prospects may think of JTS as consultants, but our clients know us as partners. Whether their needs are comprehensive across the healthcare revenue cycle RCM continuum, or specific to an individual gap in RCM efficiency, every engagement is customized to Client business objectives, economics, and outcomes.


Cerner-targeted Solutions

JTS Health Partners’ national client roster has provided over a decade of deep experience aligning major healthcare information technology (IT) platforms with business and clinical workflows, financial performance, revenue cycle management …


There is nothing simple about today’s healthcare revenue cycle

Today’s healthcare revenue cycle is a complex aggregate of regulatory requirements, payor contracts and reimbursement schedules, technologies, processes and workflows needing diverse skill sets and resources, and a myriad of third party relationships.