Genomics Services

This unique service line that aligns the benefits of genomic science with value-based medicine and reimbursement models for hospitals, physician groups and payors. In addition to the clinical value of genomics for early cancer diagnosis, JTS provides genomic services that enhance the healthcare revenue cycle, address operational utilization of genomics science, and achieve Triple Aim. As reimbursement models transition from volume-based to value-based payment, JTS helps organizations realize the clinical and financial benefits of genomic testing and analytics.

Genomic testing is primarily aimed at the early detection and treatment of colorectal, lung, prostate and breast cancers. Through a strategic partnership with a leading molecular diagnostic company, JTS provides a menu of proprietary, blood-based lab tests that:

  • Identify patient risk stratification for cancer
  • Improve compliance rates in patient populations
  • Attract new patients by providing convenient testing and support programs that reach under-screened and noncompliant populations
  • Bolster the healthcare revenue cycle by bringing new patients into your circle of care and meeting key metrics
  • Provide system wide savings through early cancer detection and improved patient outcomes
  • Offer a strategic advantage through innovative genomic solutions utilizing state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics

Facts about JTS Health Partners

  • Holding company, JTS Ventures, Inc., established in 2002
  • Healthcare management consulting subsidiary, JTS Health Partners formed in 2009
  • A state-of-the-art virtual organization with a broad and growing footprint
  • Current team operates in approximately fourteen (14) states within the United States
  • Headquarters based in Norcross, Georgia