Technology Selection and Acquisition

JTS Health Partners has the skill and experience necessary to lead the rigorous system selection, RFP process, value determination, and objective measurements to assure benefit realization.

System selection must be a collaborative blending of need recognition and envisioning the future state by the stakeholders and leadership’s commitment to technology adoption.

After selection, we begin the process of acquisition and implementation. Optimization activities, the fine-tuning work necessary to achieve high performing technology with higher rates of user adoption, is then completed using our suite of services specifically designed to achieve measurable benefit.

Facts about JTS Health Partners

  • Holding company, JTS Ventures, Inc., established in 2002
  • Healthcare management consulting subsidiary, JTS Health Partners formed in 2009
  • A state-of-the-art virtual organization with a broad and growing footprint
  • Current team operates in approximately fourteen (14) states within the United States
  • Headquarters based in Norcross, Georgia