Ambient Federal HIT

JTS Health Partners Pursues Federal HIT Sector

JTS Health Partners is pleased to join Ambient Health IT (AHIT) Joint Venture.

Cyber Part 3

CyberSecurity Enabling the Business | Part C

CyberSecurity can enable the business’ success – not simply spend to outrun the criminal.

Cyber Part 2 Blog (1)

CyberSecurity for Business’ Success | Part B

Money thrown at cybersecurity without a well identified prioritization of risks versus benefits is a waste of time and resources.

Data Transparency

Data Transparency Provided by nCREAS™

As healthcare leaders, access to quality, timely data is imperative for the financial and operational success of an organization.


JTS Discusses KPIs in For the Record Article

“Health care organizations have been looking more closely at the contributing factors responsible for increased A/R totals for some time now and applying various methodologies to address those issues,” she …

Cyber Part 1 Blog (1)

CyberSecurity Enabling the Business – Ditch the Checkbox Approach | Part A

Executives in cybersecurity often hear that unless additional money is spent, the company will be hacked or that without more funds, regulatory compliance cannot be met.

10 Most Trusted Post Graphic

JTS Named 10 Most Trusted Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers

JTS Health Partners was recently named in the 10 Most Trusted Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Providers by Insights Care Magazine.


Cost-to-Collect KPI | Enjoy the journey, not just the destination

There is little argument that the healthcare industry is an always changing environment. Understanding exactly what is changing and why is a lot tougher.

Michelle Darby

JTS Announces New Director of Client Services & Privacy Officer

Michelle Darby, CHC, RHIA, is a highly experienced healthcare Revenue Cycle and Health Information Management professional with strategic planning, compliance and privacy.

Neil Patterson

JTS Announces New Vice President of Strategic Solutions

Neil Patterson is a three-plus decade RCM & HIM executive that complements the mission of JTS Health Partners to strategically implement and lead new growth strategies.